Millions of travel photos are shared on Instagram every month.  Tap into this conversation to discover the most popular images, creators and topics you need to know about. 

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June Highlights

  • 8.9 million travel photos were shared to Instagram during June, up 5M from June of last year.
  • Top trends were #festival with 27K travel-related images shared and #island with 169K photos shared.
  • Top influencers included model and Managing Editor of Runway Rio @Iskra, lifestyle and travel blogger @MisterPreda, and more.
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We track hashtags and keywords to identify what’s popular and trending on Instagram. Our system then uncovers the best photos, influential users, and other important topics bubbling up. We analyze this data every month and bundle it up in an easily digestible report. Learn how Chute works with top travel brands and destinations around the world.

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